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Starring the Director

A writer/director/producer casts himself in a starring role.

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Everyone wants to direct. However, the director may also want to get the spotlight as well. It could simply be that he's the best fit for the role, or maybe he wrote the role specifically for himself. In most fictional examples of this trope, the director that chooses to do this is usually doing it out of pride and a desire to have all the attention. These tend to also be a Canon Sue.

Compare Author Avatar, which is when the author of a work appears in it as the creator. If the creator only has a small role, it's a Creator Cameo.


Anime and Manga
  • School Rumble: When trying to decide on a school play to perform, class 2C made one rule: you can't write yourself as the star. However, when they came across several scripts that all had the twist of the star being main character Harima in disguise, they figure that he wrote them and tried to get around the rule. Turns out that it was actually Akira who did it, and wanted them to think it was Harima.

Real Life
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