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Telephone Teleport
A character travels to another location via telephone.
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Exactly What It Says on the Tin, when a character needs to travel to where another person is calling him on the telephone from, he will just simply get there lickety-split by entering the receiver of the phone he's talking on, then coming out from the other receiver that the other character is calling from. Often played for Rule of Funny.

A common variation in cartoons is where characters making a Split-Screen Phone Call simply walk over to the other side of the screen.

Compare Reaching Between the Lines and Television Portal

Contrast Supernatural Phone, where a phone is used to use supernatural powers and other impossibly cool abilities.) The difference between this trope and Supernatural Phone is that in that trope it is the phone that is magical. In this trope, the phone is an ordinary telephone, it is the traveler who has the special ability.

Not to be confused with Electric Slide.


Comic Books
  • DC Universe hero The Atom could shrink himself down to a size where he could travel along phone lines, propelled by soundwaves. He would leave a metronome ticking at his end of the phone to provide propulsion.
  • Doctor Solar is capable of travel like this.
  • The DC villainess Livewire can do this. Actually she can use any electrical wiring, but telephone wires count.
  • E-Man, as an Energy Being, also has this as an ability.

  • The Matrix has a variation; the rebels use phones to jack their operatives into and out of the VR simulation.

  • Subverted in Good Omens when the demon in question had already entered Crowley's apartment the conventional way, ready to unleash the wrath of Hell on him. Crowley (also a demon) tricked him by darting into the phone line himself, prompting Hastur, his assailant, to follow him in a high-speed chase through a phone line. Crowley then turned around at the phone on the other end, raced back through the line to his own apartment, and reemerged just in time to hang up the phone, leaving Hastur trapped on an ansaphone tape.

Live-Action TV
  • In VR5 Sidney can transport herself and anyone anyone else into virtual reality by calling them up on the phone and slamming the receiver down on the outside of her modem. The callee has no memory of the event after she hangs up.
  • A few episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place had the wizards travel this way.

Tabletop Games
  • In In Nomine, an angel with the Ofanite of Jean attunement may travel as lightning along any suitable conductor, including telephone lines. They caused damage at their entry end exit points, though....
  • Champions supplement Enemies III. Due to an industrial accident Dr. Howie Reeves' body was changed into electricity. As a result he can teleport long distances along phone lines.
  • d20 Modern has the spell Wire Walk, which transports you to any telephone you call, as soon as it's answered.

Video Games
  • Ghost Trick has this as a game mechanic. The main character and other ghosts travel to different locales via telephone. For it to work somebody else has to be on the other end of the phone first.
  • In the third Simon the Sorcerer game, there are several phone booths placed around the city and the countryside that allow you to travel instantly from one booth to another.
  • Max gets this ability in Telltale Games's The Devil's Playhouse.

Western Animation
  • In Mr. Bogus, Ratty and Mole both travel to the wilderness where Bogus and Brattus are at, via use of this technique in the episode "Kung Fu Campout".
  • Variation in one episode of Jackie Chan Adventures when Uncle casts a spell over his landline to Jade's cell phone. Which Jackie promptly lampshades, wondering how Uncle can do that when, earlier in the episode, Jackie sent him a fax and Uncle thought the fax machine was possessed when it began printing on its own.
  • In the Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers episode "A Fly in the Ointment" Dr. Nimnul invents a "modemizer" helmet that allows him to travel through telephone lines so he can escape after committing burglaries.
  • There was a Freakazoid! episode where the eponymous character traveled through a power line. Helped that he supposedly had the power of the entire Internet, which at the time the show was made was connected by phone modems.

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