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A Thriller with supernatural elements; ghosts, demons, cyptids, ectra.
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Supernatural Thrillers are Thrillers with a supernatural angle to them. They share all the same elements as other thrillers but have supernatural elements at play within them. The Antagonist or the Protagonist are usually involved with supernatural forces, having both involved with supernatural elements isn't unheard of within the genre. These supernatural elements can be anything from aliens, to ghost, to vampires or sometimes even magic.

Compare and Contrast- Urban Fantasy, Twenty Minutes into the Future, Supernatural Soap Opera and Horror as they sometimes overlap.


  • Death Note is a Detective Thriller that centers around the use of a supernatural notebook of death, given by a Shinigami.
  • 3x3 Eyes, is a supernatural thriller which tells the tale of Pai, the last of the immortal Sanjiyan, who's one wish is to become human. And Yuki Fuji, who becomes her guardian and key to helping Pai achieve her goal. All that stands between them are the elusive Migyenozo and the servants of Kiyangwang.



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