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On Patrol Montage

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There is a scene where a hero, or Super Hero, has just passed his first trial by fire and decides that since he seems ready, he might as well go on patrol and see what he can do for the night.

This is where the On Patrol Montage comes in where we see a series of relatively small incidents where we see the hero strut their stuff running rings around minor crooks and menaces as the public looks on with astonishment at what the new hero can do.

This soon ends and then the plot deals the buildup to the climatic battle with the Big Bad.

  • Superman: After saving Lois from a crashed helicopter, he goes to stop a catburgler, gets a cat out of a tree, stops a gang of crooks and saves Air Force One in one night.
  • Ghost Busters: After their first hunt at the Sedgewick Hotel, the Busters have a slew of calls to capture ghosts and become a media sensation.
  • Spider-Man: After his big goof, we see a montage of Spidey stopping crimes around New York and becoming quite a topic of conversation.
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