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Myth Decision Procedure
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In any conceivable situation in fiction, if a myth or legend is recounted AND it pertains to the current problem experienced by the characters or protagonists, then the overwhelming impetus of plot necessitates it's veracity.

  • Often manifested as dramatic or situational irony.
  • Particularly common in the horror genre.



-Blair Witch Project: Filmmaker students underestimate legend of the Blair Witch. PROVED WRONG

-Troll Hunter: Filmmaker students doubt existence of trolls asserted by Hans. PROVED WRONG

-Hatchet: Tourists doubt the Victor Crowley legend. PROVED WRONG

-Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade: Jones: I've heard this bed time story before. (in response to myth of the Holy Grail) PROVED WRONG

-Venom: Youths doubt the efficacy of voodoo rituals and lore. PROVED WRONG

-Cat People: Love interest of Serbian protagonist doubts the legends of her people and inadvertently helps instigate the revelation of its truth. PROVED WRONG

-The Mummy: Evelyn carelessly neglects the mythology surrounding the Book of the Dead. PROVED WRONG

-Prince of Darkness: Undergraduate students doubt the claims of the priest. "This priest is looney tunes..." PROVEN WRONG

-Clawed: The Legend of Sasquatch: Protagonists doubt the existence of Sasquatch. PROVED WRONG

-Princess Mononoke: Lady Eboshi doubts the consequences of the legend surrounding the decapitation of the Great Forest Spirit. PROVED WRONG

-Paranormal Activity (1-4): Without fail, a protagonist in each film, usually male, severely doubts the existence of demons, despite corroboration by mediums and female characters. PROVED WRONG

-The Ring: Male friend of protagonist ignores the fatal notoriety surrounding the tape. PROVED WRONG

-Children of the Corn: Adults ignore assertions from children that the corn took the town's adults. PROVED WRONG

-The Evil Dead: Group of friends ignore myths of Indian burial ground and tamper with Necronomicon. PROVED WRONG

-1408: Cusack's dogmatically rational character ignores supernatural infamy of haunted hotel room. PROVED WRONG

Television Shows:

-Scooby-Doo: Though their skepticism usually saves them, in the instance of the Loch Ness monster, it led them to doubt the legend. PROVED WRONG

-Phineas & Ferb: Candice doubts the existence of the Lake nose monster. PROVED WRONG

-Samurai Jack: Viking overlord initially doubts the power of the "peerless warrior" portion of the Three Archers legend. PROVED WRONG

-Spongebob Squarepants: Sandy doubts the "mythological" proportions of the Alaskan Bull Worm. PROVED WRONG


-Dracula: Johnathan Harker doubts the efficacy of local Transylvanian folklore (i.e. vampirism). PROVED VERY WRONG

-Edge Chronicles: Characters doubt the Legend of the Gloamgoazer. PROVED WRONG

-Sleepy Hollow: Ichabod Crane doubts the veracity of the Sleepy Hollow legend. PROVED WRONG

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