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Replacement Voice Actor
You have a missing cast member, so you get someone else to do his voice.

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Sometimes, actors might have scheduling conflicts. Oh dear, so we added a few extra episodes to our run, but one of our stars has committed to another project already! OK, let's shoot from behind (doesn't matter in animation) and have someone else dub his lines. Hope the fanbase doesn't notice!

Examples: [[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • In the Power Rangers Samurai TV movie, Clash of the Red Rangers, Gold Ranger Antonio is only seen morphed, and from behind in one unmorphed shot. It was the final episode produced, and it turns out actor Steven Skylar had already returned to America to record an album. So they had somebody else dub his lines (and it's obvious). Also, Scott, RPM Ranger Red, is supposedly voiced by Tobias Riess, but it sounds so accurate that this seems to be his original actor Eka Darville using a false name due to union rules.
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