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Putting The Ex In Extortion
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So someone's got something on you. Something you never want to be made public. And all it takes to buy their silence is for you to do whatever they tell you to do.

Except there's one problem with this indentured servitude scenario: the impetus is, to quote Michael Weston, a bullet that can only be fired once. It's to the blackmailer's benefit that the secret remains a secret, or else they've got nothing they can hold over your head.

So when slavery gets too much to bear, you still have one option, however painful it might be: expose the truth yourself.

Interestingly, in fiction, revealing the secret almost never results in the dire repercussions the blackmail victim is afraid of - often times, it's purely beneficial, as they now have a clean conscience and are free of the blackmailer's influence.


  • In one episode of Doug, Judy makes Doug into her personal slave after he accidentally breaks a tacky souvenir mug. In the end, he breaks free of her control by telling the truth (he says his parents didn't even know what the mug was, though this could have been due to the poor job he did of putting it back together).
  • Sue on Glee once blackmailed Principal Figgins with an embarrassing airline safety video he once appeared in. By the end of the episode, he had defused the situation by posting it on YouTube himself. It got three views.
  • One story in Machine of Death, "Exhaustion From Having Sex With a Minor", involves a politician in the running for Prime Minister of Great Britain who knows he is going to die from the eponymous cause - and has understandably kept the fact under wraps. He's approached by a corporate interest who knows his secret and attempts to blackmail him into being their political puppet. In the end, he decides to sabotage their plans for him - and his own political career - by coming out with the truth. He gets elected anyway. It turns out that due to massive changes in the political system, he's only 17 and still technically a minor himself.
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