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Sliding Scale Of Anime Obscurity
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Needs a better title, but this is likely to be a "miscellaneous stuff" or "just for fun" page anyway, rather than a formal trope.

A few months ago I decided to start writing up a list of different "obscurity levels" of animé series. Many tropers have already contributed to this list, though I unfortunately don't have a record of edits made to this Google document.

The list can be seen here:

The page will be launched like this:
  • at the top of the page there will be a short description of this list, followed by
  • a set of instructions on how to add series to this list, followed by
  • the list itself, in folders, one for each level.

The instructions are the following:
  • This list pertains only to animé series. Do not include manga series that do not have animé countepart versions.
  • This list is an approximate measure of obscurity/popularity of the series, specifically...
  1. among the English-speaking animé fandom, and...
  2. on the internet.
  • Different adaptations of the same series that result in substantially different works and/or split fandoms, such as GoLion and Voltron, should be listed separately. However, different language versions of what is substantially the same work should only be listed once, as that work.
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