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When a hell-bell rings, a hellspawn gets its wings.

There is something upsetting about those Goddamn Orks and Always Chaotic Evil. Sure, it's not like you feel regret at wiping the floor with them, but the mere existence of irredeemable sentient / soul possessing beings flies in the face of Forgiveness. This can be especially depressing when the demons, vampires, or monsters can infect normal humans too, making innocents doomed to some pretty abysmal fates.

Even the Defector from Decadence who did a Heel-Face Turn or held onto their humanity with Heroic Willpower can't hope to atone for their evil when it's based not on what they do but what they are.

But what if there were a way to atone? Some form of quest for a cure that could at the least assure a Died Happily Ever After, the loss of suck part of Blessed with Suck, or the return to plain jane humanity?

Well, the Ascended Demon is a character who wants to find it... or in the case of a mentor, already has!

The Ascended Demon is the formerly Evil Twin to the Fallen Angel. They fought their base nature and either through a quest or a divine epiphany shed their evil ways. In extreme cases, they may even change "species" and become an angel... or return to being an angel, if they were once. Because Good Is Dumb, there's a fair chance that the refusing evil may weaken them, though it also likely removes several weaknesses. Of course, such a feat may well do the opposite and make them a top tier angel.
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