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Swing and miss swordmanship

Where a swordman tries to tire out an opponent by repeteadly dodging

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Make him swing and miss, he'll tire
-[[Film/Troy Hector to Paris before his duel with Menelaus]].

In a swordfight one opponents tactic is to make the other side attack as much as possible until he is tired an then finish him off. Much like Flynning the goal is to make the sword fight longer and safer for the actors, only instead of hitting each others swords one of them keeps hitting air.

In Real Life the best move when your opponent misses a strike is to use the resulting opening for a counterstrike. This trope also shows the sword fighter swinging and missing as out of breath after a few strikes; a trained warrior was supposed to keep going during a battle that might well last hours.



[[folder:Films -- Live Action]]
  • In [[Troy]] Hector gives this an advice to his younger brother before his duel with the hulking Menelaus. It ends about as well as you would think.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
  • On Game of Thrones Bronn manages to defeat Ser Vardis this way. Overlaps with armour is useless as Bronn declines a shield and carries much lighter armour.

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