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Ironic Paradox
Effect = Cause
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So you have just killed the Big Bad? Ooops, that's what created them in the first place. Trying to save the universe by ripping a hole in it? Turns out the hole was what caused the problem in the first place! Of course, what actually initiated the chain of events in question is now a complete mystery. As well as events, this can often result in objects that are never created but are instead passed around through time without any adequate - explanation - something that is often Lampshaded by the characters themselves.

Kids, don't play with paradoxes.


  • In Crisis on Infinite Earths the death of The Flash causes the lightning bolt that originally transformed Barry Allen into the Flash. (At least that's the WMG about it.)

  • In Star Trek: Voyager the crew responds to a distress call, which turns out to be themselves, and responding to the distress call is what puts them in distress in the first place. Janeway explains that in some cases "effect can preceed cause."

Web Original
  • In Homestuck, Paradox Space means that a lot of what happens is caused by the characters (or your?) reactions to what happens. Try to escape your dieing homeworld? Your very escape is what caused it to start dieing....or so it seems.

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