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Hypothetical Example Backfire
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Hidden Faced Matt: I called it scribbles because the pic did not demonstrate much skill or effort. OOTS' drawing, while minimalist, still demonstrates (relatively) more skill than the former page image did. This, rather than the purely subjective matter of taste, was what I figured was relevant. And if it isn't relevant, then what's to stop us from having page images like, let's say, this?
rodneyAnonymous: Nothing.
nrjxll: That would actually be pretty funny.
- This thread discussing the former page image for All Girls Like Ponies

Similar to Analogy Backfire, this is when someone's hypothetical example mentioned to illustrate one point gets addressed in a way that actually illustrates the opposite point.

(Needs More Examples; the trope seems familiar, and I'll take suggestions for alternative page quotes.)
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