Bandwidth Breaker
Content so popular is released that the servers it's hosted on can't handle the resulting traffic.
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Popularity is obviously subjective, and very difficult to measure. But there are ways.

When the latest update to an online something-or-other is released, sometimes so many people crowd in to view it that the website crashes. The fact that this even happened is a testament to how popular whatever was just released was.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is a Bandwidth Breaker: an update or issue so awesome it's directly responsible for crashing the host website.

This also applies to other forms of media; for example, a product selling out so quickly it can't be kept on the shelves.

Depending on how you look at it, can be a subtrope of Gone Horribly Right.


  • Homestuck has "brought down the house" on several occasions, particularly with its Flash updates.
    • [S] Cascade, the finale of Act 5, is the definite record-holder so far. It was hosted on Newgrounds of all websites-- and the traffic crashed the site about three minutes after!
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