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Fat Cop Pursuer
When a protagonist is chased by cops, they just happen to be fat and out of shape.
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So the protagonist and his friends have committed a crime. Be it shoplifting, trespassing or something more egregious. They weren't very secretive about it and have attracted the attention of the guards.

The guards are at least 450 pounds, out of shape and can't run very fast. Bonus Points if they draw attention to themselves by yelling for the protagonist to stop. More bonus points if they run out of breath or get stuck somewhere.

This is usually played for laughs. But can also be used so the protagonist can get away scot free.



[[folder:Comic Bookx]]
  • In Cattivik, one of the earliest stories is all centered about the titular character being chased by a fat but implacable cop. In the end, they're both exhausted, as they slowly crawl on the road.

  • This happens in Home Alone when Kevin goes shopping.
  • Played With in Run Fat Boy Run, the protagonist is a fat cop - there is a chase scene - and the rest of the film is about him getting into shape.
  • In the first Men In Black movie, the police officers accompanying Will Smith in his opening chase scene. In fairness, running down a cockroach alien on foot is considered impressive, but the chubby cops could've done much better.
  • Hot Fuzz has one of these as a main character, in stark contrast to The Hero Nicholas Angel who holds speed records on the London Police Force.

[[folder:Live Action TV]] [[/folder]]

  • In the Gorillaz music video Stylo, the Gorillaz are pursued by an overweight cop who quickly loses control of his cruiser and spins off the road after a single shot from Cyborg Noodle.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
  • This often happens with Chief Wiggum on The Simpsons.
    • in a "spinoff" episode Wiggum was a private detective who ends up in a slow-motion chase with an equally obese suspect.

[[folder:Real Life]]
  • The Orlando, Florida police department has seen subversions of this, where the suspect was caught by the overweight cops because they were too busy trying to hold their baggy pants up to run very fast.
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