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Oh Look, More Rooms
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Should We Have This??

A subtrope of Bigger on the Inside. When a place looks fairly normal from the outside, and possibly even when you get in it's of a reasonable size. But there's this door in the back. Open it, and... there's a whole new section of the place, easily as big or bigger than everything you've seen so far! And look - there's a door in the back of that too, which leads to yet another new section - or worse, five doors...

Basically, it's when Bigger on the Inside keeps happening to the point of an Overly Long Gag.


  • Peach's Castle in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. The initial castle area is large enough, but as you progress you keep opening up more and more areas, until it turns out to take up well over a hundred screens. Compare this to the entire Toad Town, which takes up five.
  • Arguably Death's Domain in Discworld. The initial hallway is intimidating enough, but several of the rooms along it open up into cavernous chambers filled with books or hourglasses.
  • Under Lock and Key, a webcomic whose entire premise is this; every door can open into a totally random room in the house, and nobody knows how far it goes.
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