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Wizards are Crazy
Using magic defies logic
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But magicians did this all the time, she reminded herself. Did they keep a store of anger and hate to draw upon at all times? What kind of people were they?
The Black Magician Trilogy, "The Magician's Guild"

So, these wizards, they seem pretty calm and collected, right? They're not. If they draw their powers from their emotions, this means of course that they are emotionally unstable and prone to bizarre fits, or in the other extreme, it means they are incapable of emoting normally at all, since any little grin might shatter reality forever. And this is only considering their power has a purely emotional source.

Power that comes from the mind means things like understanding and accepting magic. At the very least this means going against common consensus that "magic isn't real." But, on a much larger level, it effectively implies creating and living within your own reality system. That is, if your magic is only believed to be real by a very small part of the population, it won't even work on normals, and you're effectively crazy. Even if you're right and magic does work on them, you're still crazy, for accepting something so strongly that is so counter to the reality everyone else lives in. For this reason, in the work in question, Wizards Are Crazy.

  • The whole Mage: The Awakening premise is that mages are "awakened" human beings who realized that reality is not immutable but can be reshaped by one's will--which is a form of insanity, if you think about it.
  • In the anime A Certain Scientific Railgun and its partner A Certain Magical Index, a great deal of explanation is given to how psychic powers work, and basically, it is explained as people being able to create their own reality. This is beefed up with explanations of Schrödinger's Cat and parallel dimensions, meaning yes, psychics have split themselves away from conventional reality. Oddly enough, wizards in the series may not be in this category, because they can't use psychic powers. Touma is possibly the Only Sane Man because he can get rid of such power by touching it.
  • The title quote from the book The Black Magician Trilogy, the character thinks this, as her powers developed naturally and have a very emotional source. It later turns out, that no, they don't use their emotions to use magic, but they do make a series of imaginary doors in their head to connect with their power.
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