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All men rap

On a song with a rapper and a singer, the rapper will be male, and the singer will be female

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Do not confuse with all men rape.

This is a Music Trope of The New '10s. Many songs have been released with a rapper and a singer on them. If one of these artists is male and the other is female, the man will always be the one rapping, and the woman will always be the one singing. Why is not clear, but it could relate to Women Are Delicate, since singing is a more "delicate" sound than rapping. It could also be that there are more famous male than female rappers.

The prominence that the female voice gets in the song varies. Most commonly, it's the man's song, but the woman records the chorus for it. However, sometimes, the song is credited to her, and the man is doing a guest rap verse. On the other end of the spectrum, the female voice may be sampled instead of recording with the male artists.

Aversions where a rapper sings their own chorus or gets someone else of their gender to sing the chorus for them are common enough not to be listed, however, feel free to list inversions where a man sings and a woman raps. —-


  • Airplanes, by B.o.B (the male rapper) ft. Hayley Williams (female singer)
  • I Need A Doctor, by Dr. Dre (male rapper) ft. Eminem (another rapper) and Skylar Grey (female singer)
  • Pretty much anything by Flo Rida
  • Nicki Minaj sometimes inverts this trope. For instance, in Beauty And The Beat, Justin Bieber sings, while Nicki has a guest rap verse.
    • Nicki Minaj plays the trope fairly straight in Moment 4 Life, where she both sings and raps, while Drake only raps.
  • Watcha Say, by Jason Derulo samples Imogen Heap
  • Inverted by Ke$ha and 3 Oh! 3 in Blah Blah Blah and My First Kiss, proving that inversions are not always good.
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