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Sensibly Dirty Coward
A YMMV trope where a character presented as a Dirty Coward is viewed by the audience as taking the sensible option.
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So an author creates a Dirty Coward who the audience will loathe because of their fearful behavior. This however backfires when the audience agrees that what they were doing was really the sensible response in this situation.

  • In Drag Me to Hell, whether or not Christine's killing of her cat is an act of cowardice or (sensible) desperation has divided reactions from audiences. On the one hand, it was he beloved pet kitten. On the other, she had just been pushed into a Despair Event Horizon after an attack by the monstrous Lamia which is haunting her. Before this, she was told it would try to drag her to hell unless she gave it an animal sacrifice. And of course by that point the sacrifice wasn't enough to sate it...

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