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Nerds Live With Their Moms

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For some reason nerds are stereotyped as living with one or both of their parents, usually their mother, long into adulthood.

  • In Ghostbusters 2 Louis mentions that he used to have a roommate, then his mom moved to Florida.

Live Action TV
  • In The Big Bang Theory Howard initially lives with his mother, though that seems to have more to do with them being Jewish and his dad leaving them years ago than his being a nerd. Even after he marries Bernadette he visits her often.

  • When the original three characters of Full Frontal Nerdity get around to naming themselves Nelson introduces himself as the one who doesn't live with his parents.

Western Animation
  • In the Futurama episode where an Energy Being who is an epic Star Trek fan has the original cast and the Planet Express crew trapped on a planet he is interrupted from making them fight to the death by his mother calling him to dinner. And she rather emphatically states that "he's not a child, he's thirty-four!"
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