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White Women Are Off-Limits
White men can have sex with any race they want. White women shouldn't.
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It's one of the Tropes In Aggregate that comes from the tendency in Hollywood to have the White Male Lead (eg the Audience Surrogate) being able to have any woman he desires, without any restriction in terms of race. Mighty Whitey is universal in his choice of pussy and his lady's skin colour can be incidental to the plot.

But White lead ladies shouldn't have sex with anybody other than a White man. If they do, the whole plot will revolve around this improbable couple and their difficulties in living their romance. And more often than not, the romance is tragic or just doesn't work out.

This trope is often the unspoken result of Like Goes with Like coupled with Entitled to Have You: White women "belong" to White men and any non-White guy dating a White woman is "stealing White men's property", it is implied. If a non-White guy ever tries to woo a White girl, while she may have a fling with him, it's unlikely that said fling will go anywhere serious, unless it's the whole point of the show, as said above.

This trope is so omnipresent nowadays that it usually comes into play before the work even gets written, creators don't even consider pairing a non-White man with a White woman. It's just too risky. And when this is considered, Executive Meddling often comes into play and this trope is enforced.

All in all though, this trope is meta, meaning it's an omnipresent Casting Trope that can be seen simply by reviewing the number of White man/Non-White woman pairings who are incidental or happy in the end compared to the Non-White man/White woman couples who get a similar treatment.

For instance Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Lucy Liu, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba or Maggie Q have been paired with more than their share of White Male Leads. Even Mo'nique, Angela Bassett and Queen Latifah have been paired with a White Male Lead when they weren't doing all-black films. Compare this to the number of times Charlize Theron, Megan Fox, Keira Knightley, Scarlett Johansson or even Julia Roberts have been paired with a non-White man in their films. Or the number of times Benicio Del Toro, Wesley Snipes, Denzel Washington, Chow Yun-fat, Cuba Gooding Jr or John Leguizamo have scored a white actress in a full-length film.

Strangely, when this trope does get averted, it's often with a But Not Too Black actor such as Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson, seldom an Asian or Latino guy, let alone an Arab guy.

Where Da White Women At? often contains elements of this trope, just like Asian Gal with White Guy, which focuses on White men with Asian women but that almost never gets gender flipped. Black Gal on White Guy Drama is the most seen Gender Flip of this trope, even though it turns up less and less in fiction lately.

Outside of Hollywood, the same dynamics may be noticed, depending on the country.

This is of course rife with Unfortunate Implications which are so obvious there's no need to go deeper here.

Sister Trope to Maligned Mixed Marriage.

As of the current YKTTW, no examples should be added, this only describes the tendency.
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