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No Me Insultes(Spanish for Don't Insult Me)

Why yes, I do know your language. And I don\'t appreicate what you just said.

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Possible new trope, general formula is as such:

Character A insults/schemes against character B in a language they don't believe knows.

Character B replies back in their language something like, "<I don't like getting insulted>"

Generally followed by Character A getting an ass whooping from Character B.


Live-Action TV
  • Game of Thrones: In Season Three "And Now His Watch Is Ended" the slaver Kraznys has been hurling insults at Daenerys in Valyrian, since she's been using an interpreter all the time while she's been in Astapor. Then moments after she finishes the purchase of all the Unsullied slave warriors in Astapor, she reveals that she speaks Valyrian, and has always understood everything he said. Oh, and she just ordered said slave army to slaughter the slavers.

Western Animation
  • The Boondocks: One scene in particular (A Crowning Moment Of Awesome) features a team of Chinese kickballers insulting Huey, only for him to respond with, in Chinese, "I don't like being laughed at." One of the players can barely get out, "Did... he just..." before he's knocked cold by Huey's pitch.

Real Life
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