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Rushed Merchandise
When merchandise is made at the same time as the media it is based on and contains abandoned concepts.
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Sometimes companies can't wait until a movie is out before they start producing merchandise for it, sometimes resulting in some concepts left on the cutting room floor making it into the merchandise. This most commonly happens with video game adaptations.

See also Novelization and The Problem with Licensed Games.


  • The most famous example of this is the Return of the Jedi merchandise containing the original title Revenge of the Jedi.
    • The Marvel Comics adaptation of Star Wars includes scenes not originally in the film, such as Han's face-to-face with Jabba the Hutt (who looks quite different).
  • The Star Trek Generations action figures: most notably a Kirk figure in a space suit which he doesn't wear in the film as it was based on a deleted scene. More subtly, the whole crew wears a uniform designed for the film that was ultimately scrapped.
  • It was intended that the character of Robin be introduced in Batman Returns. Reportedly, Tim Burton collaborated with DC Comics artist Norm Breyfogle to redesign the Robin costume so that it would coincide with the one planned for the film. Kenner Toys even went so far as to produce a corresponding action figure, but when Robin was eventually written out of the script, Kenner released the toy anyway, as the character newly rendered in the comic books.
  • There are inconsistencies in the My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic merchandise due partly to this trope and the toy-makers being separate and distinct from the show's production crew. For example Princess Celestia's toy is pink, while her show character is white.
  • Some Sonic Sat Am promotional artwork uses the undeveloped character designs and color schemes from early development (a lot of which appeared in the pilot episode). Most notably the Archie comics which were based on the show used the early designs and even some unused story concepts from the show's bible for a long period of time before eventually becoming more uniform to the final show (though some prototype elements are still used to this day, such as Rotor's earlier purple design).
  • The Planescape: Torment novelization is based on an early draft.
  • Many of the original Star Trek novelizations by James Blish were based on early scripts.
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