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There's this one show everyone raving about. Critics are applauding. Your friends won't shut up about it. The Internet is ablaze with it. You finally go to watch it, and it's everything it's cracked up to be and more. Then one say, you see that one episode.

The plot is so atrocious kindergarteners could have written it. Characters are not being true to prior characterization. If it's animated, the art just plain sucks. It's like the writers just decided to show up drunk one day and have a party, leaving the actual work to the very last minutes.

You look it up and find that everyone else hated it. The critic are snobbing it. The fans loathe it. Indeed, the fan base seems to be reveling in is hatred of this episode.

Congratulation, you found a scrappy episode. This is the episode or episode(s) of a otherwise good or at least decent work that everyone hates.

If it's subject to any kind of Dis Continuity or Retcon, there is a good chance it's this.

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