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Comedy Sexless Robot
You ever notice how some characters are exempt from many gender stereotypes as a result of eccentricity?
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The shoes and football thing may be lazy generalisations but at least as generalisations they work. It canít be denied that most of the people at any given Jimmy Choo sale are women and most of the people at any given FA cup final are notÖ. I expect. Obviously I canít stand the thought of going to either and thatís why in comedy terms Iím classed as a sexless robot.

writer Bob wants to write a story about say....an eccentric detective who happens to a women. During the process of creating this charter Bob creates a list of normal human behaviours that his detective wont do. during this process he inadvertently includes a number of female stereotypes common in television.

this trope is pretty subjective but it can generally be determined to be present if a character is intended to me eccentric and in the case of a women is disinterested in some or all of grooming, fashion, romance and other people's emotions, or the case of a man is obsessed with cleanliness and order and disinterested in sports and sex.


  • Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory: his total obsession with order/ cleanliness and asexuality is in stark contrast to at least two obvious male gender stereotypes

Western Animation
  • Pinkie Pie in My Little Pony:Friendshipis Magic: her willingness to go out in public with messy hair and wearing bizarre costumes is in stark contrast to at least one if not more obvious female gender stereotypes


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