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Kill The Lights
Monster/Entity darkens the room somehow to make things scarier.
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The Protagonists are afraid of Joe Mc Killer, but know that they're safe from him here in this lighted area. Suddenly, the lights begin to flicker and go out - he's here!

This is when a villain can darken a room seemingly at will. Whether they suck the power from the lights, or just plainly and inexplicably make them go out, it sure makes things scarier. Often leads to Darkness Equals Death.


  • Constantine. When the horde of flying demons is approaching the title character and Angela Dodson all nearby lights (including the street lights) go out, leaving the main characters in darkness.
  • The Matrix Revolutions. As the Agent Smiths invade the Oracle's building the lights go out in the hallways.
  • Aliens. When the xenomorphs are preparing to attack they cut the building's power supply.
They cut the power.
How can they cut the power? They're animals!
  • Jaws. During the shark's night time attack on the boat the power supply goes off, leaving the crew in darkness.
Hooper: He ate the light.

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