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Messiah Killer
The one who kills the Messiah and is most affected by it.
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A Messianic Archetype is expected to die and that would be in the hands of someone.

These characters would often be an antagonist and get karma treatment from their actions. Whether it's a death by their own fault, a conversion of sides, or something else that affects them greatly. Sometimes, they can even become a follower of the said Messiah.

May involve a long weapon or The Lance of Longinus, which features heavily in the legend.

Named after the Roman soldier, who was the one to have impaled Christ on the Crucifix, later converting to Christianity and becoming a saint.

Expect unmarked spoilers below.


Anime and Manga

Comic Books
  • Finch in V for Vendetta is this for shooting V. At first, he is overjoyed, but this is after experiencing everything Norsefire has done and what drove V to a Roaring Rampage of Revenge. He leaves the regime's wing afterward as he decides it's no longer his place.

  • In Stranger Than Fiction the Messiah is Harold Krick, an otherwise ordinary tax man who hears a constant omniscient narrator who spoilers him on his upcoming death. Long story short, it's his author who will be his Longinus, and once she finds out he's real and she means to kill him... well, lets just say the though of killing someone she knew intimately hit her hard. She's been building him up as an example of a man who redeems himself from an unhappy life (and his death would involve a heroic sacrifice). In this case her spear is her typewritter. Ultimately suberted in that she decides that because her original story didn't have Harold know of his death, and since the "real" Harold did know and was still willing to die... He was precisely the sort of person you should try to keep alive.


Video Games
  • In the Dragon Age lore, the Tevinter Archon Hessarian was the one who convicted Andraste, the resident Messianic Archetype-slash-Jeanne d'Archétype, and ordered her burned at the stake (making him also a Pilate Archetype) but he was also the one who mercy killed her with a sword at the pyre and became the first ever convert to the Chant of Light, formed around her teachings.

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