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Paranormal Piano Parlor
Because if there's a room with a piano, it's usually in some place haunted.
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We've all seen it. In almost every horror game, movie, book, and TV show there's a room with a piano. Sometimes it's just a harmless piano. Sometimes playing it will trigger or open something. Maybe it will play itself, (ya know, unless it's actually a ghost playing it). Other times, the piano will just plain attack you. Sometimes just going near it in general is a bad idea. The piano is famous for its eerie pieces of music and can quickly let you know if something is off or something is about to kill you. Remember if there's a room with a lone piano, you should probably get the hell out of there.

Note that the piano doesn't have to be in the room by itself for this examples to count. The trope is only called as such because in almost every instance, the piano is the only thing in the room.
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