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The Dragon is a decent person
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Imagine The Good Chancellor in service of the Big Bad. Pursuant to the TRS discussion on White Dragon, this trope is a villain with a strong moral compass serving in a position as The Dragon.

While the master is likely to engage in villainous antics, this character recognizes the value of administering the iron fist with a soft touch, and is far more prone to not killing needlessly, or at least not wasting resources.

Should he ever take over, there will be reforms. Can be a character who hates himself for being in his position, but that is almost never the case.

Compare Noble Demon.

(Thanks to the Grandfather Clause, titles will have to remain unrelated to dragons in any way.)


  • In The Order of the Stick, the Big Bad Xykon is only interested in power. His dragon, Redcloak, is an Anti-Villain who wants nothing more than a better life for his people.
  • Evil Spock in "Mirror, Mirror". He may be evil, but he's still a Vulcan, and therefore bound to act "logically". This makes him somewhat more honourable than his human crewmates.
  • Chronicles of Narnia: In The Last Battle, Puzzle the ass goes along with Shift the ape's scheme to dress him in a lion skin and pretend he is Aslan, but isn't happy about it. He eventually goes over to join the good guys, and Aslan forgives him.

I'll get all the examples from the original YKTTW thread later.
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