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Supernatural Repellent
A particular substance repels the supernatural.
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In fiction, there are a lot of things the attract the supernatural: a cursed object, a summoning, owning a Soul Jar or some Sealed Evil in a Can, the list is practically endless. So, naturally, if there are so many ways to attract to the supernatural, there has to be at least a few ways to repel the supernatural.

Enter the supernatural repellent. In fiction, there are a number of ways to send supernatural spirits sprinting away, from common house-hold items, like salt, to actual houses or other places where evil can not follow you.

Speaking of salt, salt is a very common way to allegedly repel spirits, usually witches. This is supposedly because salt represents life, and thus repels the dead.

Compare Protective Charm, which is an artifact that protects you from other things, in addition the the supernatural. Contrast Summoning Artifact, an object which mainly attracts evil.


  • Hocus Pocus has this in both the object and the place variety. Apparently, witches can not cross a ring of salt, nor can they set foot on a graveyard. they can fly over the graveyard, though.

  • In The Dresden Files, a circle can keep out the bad, as well as the mundane. This becomes a plot point in Fool Moon, where a specialized three-circle is used to repel both the bad and the mundane, as well as trap the creature inside.
  • Parodied in the Discworld novels, especially in Carpe Jugulum, where much mirth is raised by recounting, in a Discworld context, all the things which Earth legends say are fatal to vampires. This ranges from the normal- garlic, and whatnot- to the more unorthodox- lemons, poppyseed, and carrots.

Live Action TV
  • And, of course, for a real supernatural repellent, Supernatural shows that a ring of salt will protect you.
    • Another way to get rid of ghosts, in the Supernatural-verse is iron, although it's also used to just kill or weaken them normally.
  • In a Dracula sketch on The Benny Hill Show, Drac is repelled by a picture of Nicholas Parsons, who was a Benny Hill show regular.
    • You could add that Nicholas Parsons is the sort of clean-living, squeaky-clean TV and radio personality who a young damsel could trust with their virginity, her wealth, or her aging parents, knowing they're in safe hands. Comedians make much mirth from the sort of personality this implies - either oleaginously greasy, or else utterly boring. But he is regarded as a National Living Treasure and by all accounts is a totally decent and likeable guy. Dracula would be repelled.

Mythology & Religion
  • As it's been mentioned before, a lot of superstitions mention that salt is a very good way to get rid of demons.
  • Other repellents for the supernatural include garlic and crosses for vampires.
  • In Shinto, plates of salt placed by the door are said to repel evil spirits.
    • The Wiccans share the same idea, with salt supposedly cleansing an area of negative/evil energy, and it's not uncommon to see a plate of salt on the altar.
  • Inverted by the Aztec goddess of fertility, Huixtocihuatl, who resides over salt and salt water.
  • In The Bible, iron was good for keeping fairies from steeling your baby and replacing it with a changeling. Coincidentally enough, it also says the Bible itself repels fairies just as well as iron

Tabletop Games
  • Crossing over with Protective Charm, Dungeons & Dragons has the Brooch of Shielding.
    • A slightly better example would be mirrors and other holy relics to vampires.
    • Also, Clerics can turn the undead, which has a general negative effect on the other undead, including repellent
    • Additionally, in the Dungeons & Dragons supplement Deities and Demigods Cyclopedia, it mentions that objects covered in dung reputedly are unable to be touched by the undead.
  • In Age of Aquarius, radiation repels and hurts spirits. Those spirits who cannot simply leave the presence of the radiation isotopes (like earth spirits, bound to their land,) were subjected to a Fate Worse Than Death.

  • In the West End/Broadway version of Dracula, Van Helsing uses The Host as this.

Video Games
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