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Of Course Im Not A Virgin
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Everybody Has Lots of Sex is a concept so ubiquitous in modern media, that the very idea that any character, for any reason, is a virgin is something that comes off as alien as bizarre. As a result of this, when a group of characters is discussing something and the discussion vaguely implies that one character is a virgin, the script will quickly throw in an anecdote or line explaining how the character in question is most definitely not a virgin.

As a narrative device this sometimes provides for background exposition or a throwaway gag. Just, obviously not one where a character explains their virginity. This trope is most common with characters who, given what other information we know about them, would have logical reasons to be a virgin.

  • In Community, Annie has this when Britta and Shirley assume she'a virgin because she's never seen a penis before (it's because her first boyfriend would only have sex in the dark).
  • When the Title Drop for Never Been Kissed happens, the other characters assume that this means what it sounds like- that Josie has never had a serious romantic relationship. Josie explains that "never been kissed" is actually a metaphor for a "real" kiss, which she proceeds to define.
  • When Lister and Rimmer are trapped, presumably to Lister's inevitable death on an ice planet, Lister asks Rimmer to tell the story of how he lost his virginity. When Rimmer hesitates, Lister insinuates that he's a virgin and Rimmer relates the ancedote in short order.
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