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Blasted to Golden Perfection
Fire turns whatever it touches to a tasty roasted treat.
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A subtrope of Amusing Injuries in which a burst of flame, explosion, or just crashing into a wall or tree instantly burns the feathers or fur off of something and magically turns it into a perfectly-cooked chicken or turkey, complete with bone drumsticks, or any other choice cut of meat. It's funnier if the victim isn't particularly avian in any way and it still looks chicken-like. Cousin Trope to Meat-O-Vision and, for heat applied to vegetables, see Popcorn on the Cob.

Most definitely this is not how things work in real life -- proper cooking requires carefully-controlled times and temperatures.

  • Done in Timonand Pumbaa with vicious guinea fowl, first by a fiery discharge from Timon's rocket booster which fried several birds, then by setting the rocket-propelled car to explode, finishing off the lot of them. Timon eats a guinea fowl drumstick and pronounces it delicious.
  • An American bald eagle incinerated by some fireworks in Tiny Toon Adventures bears a striking resemblance to a Thanksgiving turkey.
  • Non-avian example: Popeye's punch turns a bull into a meat market stocked with beef hocks, steaks, and deli cuts.
  • Done in the Woody Woodpecker short "The Hollywood Matador" as well, by Woody simply running headfirst into a charging bull.
  • In Mulan, Mushu breathes fire on Shang Yu's hawk, leaving it featherless. It even appears headless for a moment, as it had tucked it into its neck.
    Now that's what I call Mongolian barbecue.
  • In Popeye the Sailor Meets Sindbad the Sailor, Sindbad's roc takes Popeye to a volcano. Popeye returns with a giant roast chicken, "with gravy".
  • On the Tex Avery short "One Cab's Family", a speeding car hits a pig and a chicken, which land back as a plate of ham and eggs.
  • In Drol, shooting the flying turkey turns it into a nice roast.
  • In Devil World, Tamagon can breathe fire on the Faceless Eye to turn it into a tasty fried egg. (The Japanese term for fried egg literally means "fried eyeball.")
  • Any chicken, pig, or cow in Minecraft will become one or several cooked pieces of the appropriate meat if burned to death.
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