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Magic Orientation Leader

A friendly character who introduces the protagonist (and the viewer) to a fantasy world.

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Oh no! The Na´ve Newcomer has found himself all alone in a strange, new world he doesn't understand. Fear not though, the Magic Orientation Leader is here to show the ropes of this Adventure-Friendly World.

The Magic Orientation Leader is typically a friendly, likable character who often is the one to introduce the protagonist into the new setting. They often exemplify the nature of the world by standing out even by the standards of the fantasy world itself.

Oftentimes though, the Magic Orientation Leader loses relevance as the story goes on and gets more serious. They will often be reduced to cameo status, but you can bet they'll be back to help the hero one last time for the Final Battle.

  • Bumblebee in the Transformers Film Series is the first Cybertronian encountered by the protagonist, Sam. He loyally protects Sam through all three movies. Bee stands out from the other Autobots by having a rather cute design and speaking through the radio. True to the trope's form, his plot relevance diminishes as the film series goes on, but remains a reliable Autobot soldier and close friend to Sam.
  • Gentle Giant Hagrid of Harry Potter is possibly the most iconic example of this trope. He appears out of nowhere to whisk Harry into the magic world of Hogwarts. He constantly gives Harry advice during his first few years at Hogwarts and tries to help however he can. His plot relevance too diminishes as the series went on, but always was around to defend Hogwarts.
  • Mr. Tumnus of The Chronicles of Narnia fills this role by being the first Narnian that Lucy Pevensie (and the viewer/reader) encounter in the series. He invites Lucy to have dinner in his cave and tells her about the magical world of Narnia and the White Queen.

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