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The Greatest History Never Told
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A side effect of Hollywood history, this time period rarely, if it ever appears in fiction. Maybe the writers/executives/etc. aren't aware of it. Maybe they fear the ignorance of the views. Whatever the reason, this time period will lead to audience confused over some details and the history buffs cheering.

Designed to be a resource of periods almost-forgotten, in hopes that they will get more exposure overtime, if only to the wiki.

Time Periods are roughly organized into the follwoing:
  1. Pre-History: The time for for written word, before culture, farming, etc. Older Than Dirt
  2. Ancient History: Older Than Feudalism. If you aren't one of the 6 4 main civilizations, you didn't exist. See bellow for more details
  3. Middle History: Older Than Print. Typically depicted in Medieval Stasis, despite many flourishing contemporary empires.
  4. Modern History: Older Than Steam, Older Than Raidio, etc.

Just some notes:
  • If you know of any works related to a given time period, please create a list under the related if one doesn't already exist and then add the works.
  • If a wiki page exists for the time period, please link it in.
  • If you know something about the period, and know that it isn't featured somewhere else in the wiki, please add the information to the text for that time period.
    • If said text becomes big enough, it may warrant moving to a more isolated spot on the page, such as the example Roman Empire under Christianity Bellow. Surronding it with folder tags will also keep it manageable
    • If said text becomes too big for a folder, recommend it as a YKTTW, using the information in the folder as a starting point. If you are successful, remove all but the basic information from this page and place it on the new one. Ensure a wiki link is avaible for anyone whom wishes to follow up on it.

If you know anyone looking to do a Troper Work or Fan Fic, but needs a setting, please point them to this page.

Contrast Hollywood History, Did Not Do Research, They Just Didn't Care, and many others.

Laconic Wiki: everything off the Hollywood History or even The Theme Park Version History Canon


Pre-Ancient Times

  • After the dinosaurs died out, but before mammals became dominant and very before Humans began migrating. Species from these ages do not show up in fiction that often, magical-based, time-travel, science-involved, etc. Many ecological niches were open for thousands of years, and wouldn't be until the Ice Age cometh.
  • You don't get much Prehistory before the dinosaurs, either. You'll never see an eccentric billionaire extracting fossil DNA from coal deposits to create Carboniferous Park.

Ancient Times

  • Greece Athens, Sparta
  • Egypt
  • Maya, Aztecs, Incas Mayincatec
  • China
  • India
  • Mesopatainia Babylonia


[[folder:Christian Roman Empire]]

In the last days of the roman empire, Christianity as on the rise. Fear of persecution, invasions from outsiders, and the quickly deteriorating interior was forcing the empire to give up more and more power to the religious figures and the land owners. In order to try and stabilize the empire, it was divided into two sections: East and West. The East would eventually become Byzantine Empire, and would survive for a long while. The west would continue to break and enter into Medieval Stasis for the next 500 years.
  • the 2004 King Aurthur Tale had Aurhur as a Roman soldier, just around when Rome decided to abandon Britannia as it was "indefensible"
  • Pope Joan averts this, as it takes place in that period. (I hope I'm correct here, or else the historians will kill me.)


Other Examples
  • the entire history of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Pre-Classical Greek cultures never show up really.
  • Pre- Qin Dynasty China rarely shows up unless regarding Confucious (The "Spring and Autumn" era)

Middle Ages

  • Due to Medieval Stasis, many cultures during this age aren't shown untill the crusades and the high middle ages.

Other Examples
  • The Islamic Golden Age of the 9th to 13th centuries doesn't get much play outside of the Crusades. Successive Persian empires are largely absent also.
  • Though if you want really ignored, try the Khmer Empire from the same time frame.
  • Carolingian period,
  • the Ottonian period,

Modern Ages

  • Includes:
    • People (re-)discovering science;
    • People going on mighty quests of imperial missions, which intern gives recognition to many other civilizations.

[[folder:United States - Articles of Confederation]]

America just came into existence. 13 Colonies, now one nation. But after fighting for independence, many were not ready to give up their well deserved sovereignty, even in the name of Nation defense. The Articles of Confederation was a solution to this.

Under it, each state volunteered to help out the national government, if the felt it was needed. Taxes, military forces and enforcement of national laws (if there were any) are all choices the states choose to follow or not. In addition, each State, was allowed it's own currency, which made trading a nightmare and with no executive branch, the national government was useless. They were successful with one, and only one, thing: handling the Northwest Ordinance, the first national territory that wasn't part of any one state.

Many saw this as a problem, and organized the second continental congress to come up with suggestions on how to fix it. Instead, they came up our current constitution and that is another story. [[/folder]]

World War II
  • The only thing about World War 1 is that World War 2 has Nazis, which are often considered a "scarier villain" and writers just seem to prefer playing with them. It's an odd situation.
  • Although World War II is done to death in pop culture, a number of fronts are rarely ever mentioned. Notably, the battles between Japan and China, as well as the north-African front.

Other Examples
  • The Opium Wars
  • The Russo-Japanese War
  • the first half of the eighteenth century
  • The Mexican-American War of 1848-1849.
    • Remember the Alamo! (still counts as an example, as most people don't know the entire Mexican-American War, what caused it, what we gained from it, or anything related).
      • FYI: The Alamo occured during Texas' war for independance, the Mexician-American War started later, when Texas applied to the US for membership and was accepted. The Mexican government, correctly seeing this as the end of any chance of ever getting Texas back, violently objected. Mexico ended up losing even more territory to the US as a result, including California.
  • The French and Indian War.
  • The only mention I can recall in the US or UK media of the Independence Wars of Latin America is on Age of Empires III
  • Also, the 1910s in Britain at least. No longer Victorian, but not yet World War One.

Needs to be sorted?

Other Examples

  • Other than an offhand mention in Citizen Kane the Spanish-American War (1898), hasn't appeared very often.
  • the Hundred Years War,
    • The Hundred Years War has, I think, A Knights Tale. However it's such a shameless Anachronism Stew that this doesn't have much bearing on anything.
    • The Hundred Years War is partially dealt with in Shakespeare's History plays, especially Henry VI Part I
  • the Thirty Years War,
  • Most stories set in Tudor times take place under the reigns of Elizabeth I or Henry VIII, while Henry VII, Queen Mary I and Edward VI are rarely touched upon.
  • Thing is, it means most part of everything (even Eurasia) for most of times.
  • And poor old Central Asia only began to exist in 2006 when a hairy man donned a mankini. Well, prior to this they were ruled by the MIGHTY GHENGIS KHAN for many hundreds of years, up until becoming the stock "screwed up place run by warlords to provide some necessary tension between the US and Soviets/Russians for the initiation of ass-kicking" if Berlin, the Middle East or some ultra secretly secret new technology was already booked out.
  • And the Indian sub-continent definitely didn't exist prior to the arrival of the British.
  • Basically to Hollywood South East Asia doesn't exist prior to the Vietnam War or, if you are very very lucky, the arrival of European traders. "Asia" then means feudal China, samurais, ninjas and kung fu. I can't recall many Hollywood movies set "now" in SE Asia either (at least ones that don't think the whole area is mired down in some form of guerrilla war), though countries in the region do have fairly active local film industries.
  • Congo War (aka the deadliest human conflict in the history of ever)?

Examples that prove that History Is Mallable
  • I wonder if I should backtrack a bit on the Hundred Years War. Joan of Arc is a pretty popular character. On the other hand, I don't recall seeing Edward III or the Black Prince very often.
  • World War One is disappearing, as the last of the verterns are dieing off.
  • The Spanish Civil War doesn't get a lot of play, except in Spain, where it is pratically a trope (Anyone want to YKTTW on this?).
  • Russo-Japanese war was done by ''Sidney Reily Ace of Spies. It was a "nice little war" from the days when everyone considered each other a Worthy Opponent, and so has a bit of Lostalgia. It just got overlooked.
  • I haven't the foggiest idea of why the North African Campaign of World War II isn't covered enough. It seems to have everything one can desire what with exotic cities, no pesky civilians wandering around the battlefield except for bedouin who can take care of themselves, and even a climate that is funner to contemplate(Libyan desert dust sounds less unpleasant to fight in, then French mud). And lots of potential Scenery Porn. And even some Real Life Badass characters who might have been made by a movie. Plus a Worthy Opponent Foe Yay kind of spirit that is a throwback to Ye Goode Old Days.
  • The Russian Front of World War II has the same disadvantage of Thirty Years War. The main contenders were Evil Versus Evil , everyone else was just trodden on and so on. Whereas in the West it doesn't quite feel that way to contemplate it.
  • What I don't understand is why there is not more good stuff about the Russo-Finnish war. It seems made for TV what with a small country filled with Honor Before Reason defying the Dirty Communists and saying This is Finland.
  • The Polish Soviet War should also have been covered.

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