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Identical Yet Somehow Hotter
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One person in a set of identical individuals is found more attractive than the others.

Compare Informed Attractiveness and Invisible Subtle Difference.


Comic Books
  • Parodied in MAD's version of Archie: "Biddy" and "Salonica" are as exactly identical as possible other than hair color, yet "Starchie" prefers Salonica.

  • Serenity: Fanty and Mingo.
    Mal: [greeting the twins] Fanty. Mingo.
    Mingo: He's Mingo.
    Mal: He's Fanty. You're Mingo.
    Mingo: How is it you always know?
    Mal: Fanty's prettier.

Live-Action TV
  • Joey feels this way about Phoebe's twin Ursula in Friends. Rendered ironic by the fact that Lisa Kudrow played both.
  • Happy Days: Ralph and Potsie are living downstairs from a pair of twins, Daisy and Masie. Ralph thinks they look exactly the same, but Potsie says Masie has whiter teeth.
  • In one Star Trek: TOS episode, Spock logic bombs two identical robots by announcing that he loves one and hates the other.
  • Stephanie and Kimmy from Full House fight over which identical twin is cuter. DJ points out the absurdity of that.

Western Animation
  • The Simpsons: In "Hungry, Hungry Homer" Homer sets Bart up with Sherri only to be told by Bart that Terri is the one he has a crush on.
  • In the South Park episode "Quintuplets 2000" according to Cartman the second quintuplet from the left was the most attractive.
  • On Johnny Test, Bling-Bling Boy has a crush on Susan Test, but couldn't care less about her twin sister Mary.
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