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Super Stim

Drug that makes you hyper and crazy.

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Recreational stimulants in Real Life have varying degrees of effectiveness, ranging from being perked up (caffeine) all the way up to full-on burnthroughs (cocaine). Typically, these will not have lasting or particularly obvious or dynamic effects.

Stimulants in fiction? Not so much. Take these drugs and you become a completely different person; possibly Axe-Crazy.

Very often overlaps with Drugs Are Bad.


  • Farscape: The drugs Chiana takes to wake up during Zhaan's trial on Litigara make her crazy and animated. Admittedly, she was advised to take them over the course of the day, but took the triple dose in one go.
  • Andromeda: Flash was originally created to improve perception and decrease reaction time, allowing pilots to better navigate slipstream. It also had the unwanted side-effect of making the user paranoid and psychotic.
  • Babylon 5: Stims if taken sparingly can allow someone to work longer shifts without fatigue. Taken frequently, they lead to being easily aggravated and stressed.
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