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Evil Is One Big Happy Family
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Devil: "Don't be silly, why would we want the lich to win?"
Imp: "Because we're evil?"
Demon: "And that makes us all one big happy family? Screw that!"

The world is divided into two camps: good, and evil. Of course, all the good guys work together, but what do the evil guys do? Well, they also work together of course! Because if you are not good, you must be evil, and evil is one big happy family. Evil understands each other, and they all have the same goal in mind: to destroy team good! So it is only natural for them to sing together in perfect harmony.

This trope could include instances where either evil or good beings mistakenly thing Evil Is One Big Happy Family.


  • In Order Of The Stick. See page quote.
  • Old time (pre 1990ish) Professional Wrestling was like this. All the good guys liked each other and worked for the common good, and all the bad guys at least tolerated each other and worked for the common...bad(?). Until someone inevetiably did a Face-Heel Turn or Heel-Face Turn of course; then all the bad guys like the former good guy or the good guys liked the former bad guy as the case may be.
  • A common trope during the toy line-promoting cartoons of the 1980s, such as Masters of the Universe and G.I. Joe.
  • In Charmed Episode 9 season 4 A muse to my ears, Two warlocks harass a shape shifting demon.
    Demon: "Back off, we are on the same side"
    • Of course, they kill him anyway to take his power, but that is beside the point.
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