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The Laconic Isnt Important
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Are you getting hung up on a trope's Laconic? Annoyed that a sponsor or OP on YKTTW isn't taking it seriously enough? Well let us educate you a little. Do you know how important the Laconic is to a trope?

Not very.

In fact, outside of you and a couple of others on YKTTW, not a single bloody person is going to see the damn thing, so just relax about it. And please do read the actual trope before commenting on the trope - the Laconic is purely there to catch the eye of people scrolling past. It does not have that much bearing on the actual full trope and it is usually very obvious when you didn't read more than the Laconic before telling everyone that the trope is a repeat.

Tropes don't come with Laconics on the main site, so getting it perfect on the YKTTW is a waste of time. Nobody is going to see that shit. Nobody. So if it doesn't quite jell...so what? It's sole function is to give a bit of flavour or help explain a title. Skipping it entirely isn't going to hurt anyone. It's not mandatory.

This is a little stock response page to be linked to when someone on YKTTW starts insisting that the Laconic is an important part of a fledgeling trope.
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