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Gunshot Shut-Up
Firing a gun into the air to silence an angry mob.
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Let's say that you're The Sheriff of a town in a Western. The town has assembled together, either for a town meeting or for a trial, but whatever the case, the crowd is quickly becoming argumentative. Even a caucus doesn't serve to do anything but to set townsfolk against townsfolk. You try to keep the peace, but the arguments drown out your pleas for reason. So what do you do? Simple: Draw your six-shooter and fire into the air. BOOM! Suddenly, the crowd goes silent, and all attention falls upon you. You now proceed to speak your peace, usually to Shame the Mob.

This is a fairly common attention-getting tactic for police and other gun-toting types - perhaps not in real life except with Riot Cops, though I know, for example, that I've seen it used in True Crime: Streets of L.A. - but despite many Wiki Walks over the last two years, I don't recall ever finding it.

Do We Have This One? Please let me know if so, and under what description I can find it. Thanks, everybody!
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