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New Plots As Tropes Demand

The author appears to be coming up with storylines just to make tropes.

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Let's say you're watching an anime of playing a video game, which has Special Effect Failure, Cutting the Knot, and Curb-Stomp Battle all within about fifteen minutes. You watch up to the latest episode and yes, it's pretty much a victim of Trope Overdose. But wait, they're still making episodes, and the most recent one comes out with examples of Whateversaurus, Deadly Bath, and Tornado Move. Wait... is the author of this work reading TV Tropes for story inspiration? If so, he'd probably notice that this entire first paragraph is a giant Example as a Thesis.

Basically, this is a giant Writer on Board, only the writer is suspected to be also a troper. It would need Word of God to confirm of course, but a big hint is an inordinate amount of things resembling tropes, including Unbuilt Trope or Dead Unicorn Trope. Obviously a play on New Powers as the Plot Demands.

Obviously, related to Troperrific, Trope Overdose, and Cliché Storm.
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  • December 22, 2012
    I do not think this is really page worthy. Either their is a reliably used trope in here or there is not. Depending on word of god and searching for tropers are bad requirements. For a start, TV Tropes did not invent tropes. At most we may have introduced the term to people who are not writers but to assume that someone using as many tropes as they can reads this site borders on hubris.