Homeless LGBT youth taken in by gay couple
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This trope is when a LGBT teenager who is homeless is taken in off the streets by an LGBT couple. This is not the same as has two moms' (but can over lap) this is a story line when a gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender youth who has become homeless due to various reasons has been taken in by a Gay, lesbian couple or a couple where one person is transgender.


Live Action Tv;

Queer as folk; Hunter who is ambiguously bi is taken in by Ben and Micheal

My so Called Life;camp gay teenager Ricky is taken in by his gay teacher and the teacher's partner after he is abandoned by his Aunt and Uncle.

Real Life;

Lesbian writer Cris Beam is the foster mother of a previously homeless transgender teen. She writes about her experinces with her foster daughter and other homeless trans girls in her non-fiction book 'Transparent'

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