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Destroy The Product Placement
When Product Placement is damaged, broken, or destroyed.
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There are movies, series and other things which incorporate (or they have to, even if the story doesn't warrant it) some Product Placement either obviously or subliminally. So, it looks like you'll have to watch it standing there, even if it's annoying the hell out of you. Right?

WROOOONG!!!! Do you have a McDonald's® standing in the middle of a fight between the hero and the villain? Why not destroy part of it in order to use the frying oil against the villain? Do you have a Pepsi® truck in the middle of a car chase scene? Why not have a bunch of cars crash into it in order to make it explode? Or why don't you just have the characters destroy an entire mall while they fight each other with all sorts of punches, kicks and gratuitous use of Apple® products against each other's faces?

Usually, this is done for two purposes:
  • Sake of the plot. For example, in an action movie it's generally assumed that there are gonna be damages, and you need to use what's closest to you (especially if you fight in a supermarket or a mall);
  • As a form of Take That or Stealth Parody against the companies which got involved in the first place. It's done either humorously or in a mean-spirited way. Nonetheless, it's good for our products.

It's also done in order to bring the product placement to the forefront of the action rather than relying on the subliminal, i.e. instead of having a Coca-Cola® can on a table and hoping the viewer's mind picks up on it, the characters pick it up and use it to hit others so the viewers will see it a bit more obviously.

Sometimes the products will remain intact when advertisers don't want to see their expensive product shown being damaged, broken or destroyed in any way whatsoever for fear that people won't be interested in it. In that case, said products will be shown as being Tonka Tough (see also the subverted examples).

Compare/contrast Product Displacement, in which there's no destruction, but you certainly won't see the product itself. See also Our Product Sucks, in case an ad or a commercial does this sort of destruction. See also Biting-the-Hand Humor, for when the movie/show pokes fun at the company/network itself.

If you can't use the actual product, just use a Shoddy Knockoff Product. It's just as effective (BOOOOOM!) *winks!

Live-Action Film
  • One of the biggest iconic examples might be Superman II, where Superman is thrown by Zod into a Marlboro cigarettes truck, then Zod is thrown by Superman towards a Coca-Cola sign, and finally, they wrestle under a Cutty Sark sign. It caused the initiation of congressional hearings into product placement in movies.
  • In Man of Steel, Superman's fight with General Zod and Feora ensues through a 7-Eleven, an IHOP store and end up in front of a Sears store which also becomes partially destroyed. There's also a U-Haul truck being lifted by one of Zod's minions and thrown against an U.S. Army helicopter.
  • In Transformers, it's zigzagged with the licensed vehicle modes never getting destroyed (with the exception of Sideways in the second movie), with the destruction/killing ocurring only when they're in robot mode, and inverted, with the Allspark animating a Mountain Dew vending machine and an Xbox, both of which start attacking passersby.
  • Some James Bond movies have this:
    • In Moonraker, during the fight in the ambulance, James Bond and an enemy henchman fall out of the back on a gurney and roll down a hill. Bond falls off, the henchman continues down and eventually hits and is stuck in a billboard for British Airways, causing some damage. Watch it here.
      • A cable car station is clearly adorned with a huge banner for 7-Up. After Jaws fails to kill 007, his car not only does ram through the station, but it also clearly damages the 7-Up signs in front, as seen here.
    • In Skyfall, Bond crashes a Volkswagen Beetle in the opening sequence.
  • Fight Club has a few instances:
    • The Narrator's apartment is blown up in order to show him he doesn't need objects to survive. The furniture in said apartment came from IKEA (though in the movie the company where said furniture came from was called "Fürni").
    • Project Mayhem members smash in a Volkswagen Beetle and break into a Mac store.
    • Project Mayhem members break a large spherical sculpture and send it rolling into a Starbucks shop.
  • The Long Goodbye has the hero being interrupted by a gangster who is accompanied by his goons and his lovely mistress. Said mistress interrupts the gangster's rant, by informing him that she’s thirsty and would like a Coke. One of his goons fetches an open bottle from the refrigerator. The gangster swigs from it, complains that it’s flat, and then swings it into the mistress’ face, causing it to break and leaving her in pain.
  • In RoboCop (1987), the 6000 SUX, driven by the villain, gets wrecked in one scene. It's a Brand X of the Taurus' competitor, the Pontiac 6000.
  • In The Matrix Reloaded, there are noteworthy colisions of trucks and cars provided by General Motors. At least the trucks had other names on them.
  • The car chase scene in Lethal Weapon 4 between the ’98 Pontiac Grand Am and a Mercedes Benz 420 SEL (with the former being driven by Danny Glover's character and the latter by a criminal) ends with the Pontiac being partially damaged by crashing through an office and suffering some damage by a truck. That same truck ends up ramming the Mercedes Benz.
  • The Wolf of Wall Street has Jordan Belfort heavily damaging a genuine Lamborghini Countach (25th Anniversary Edition). That's what happens when you take too many quaaludes and think you can drive home safely and with the car intact.

Live-Action TV
  • A subverted example in Heroes has a Nissan Versa remaining untouched during a gunfight.
  • Another subverted example happens in The Walking Dead with a lime green Hyundai Tuscon getting through a zombie apocalypse unscathed.

Western Animation
  • An entirely fictional example happens in Megas XLR. In almost every episode, something owned by Pop TV gets destroyed. Billboards, buildings, satelites, etc. It's all one large Take That over the poor treatment MTV gave the creators during their previous show.

Journalist: There are 270 people dead, 400 people injured, 7 Burger Kings® damaged, 30 BMW's® broken, and 5 Apple® stores destroyed with no iPads or Macs intact.
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