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Accidentally Valid Excuse
A character makes up an Accidentally Accurate place or event as an excuse for not doing something
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Do We Have This One? or can it be lumped with Accidentally Accurate? (Accidentally Accurate seems to be more unintentional on the part of the writers, this is unitintentional in-universe.)

Alice keeps pressuring Bob to go to her piano recital, but Bob really doesn't want to go. Flustered, Bob tells her that he can't go to the recital because The International Flea Circus is in town that night. Alice knows he is lying not because an International Flea Circus sounds ridiculous, but because she is a big fan of the circus and knows that it isn't due in town for another six months.

Accidentally Valid Excuse is when a character makes something up on the fly, usually a lie to distance themself from a person who annoyes them, but as it turns out they are Accidentally Accurate and the thing they assumed they just made up actually does exist. Closely related to Accidental Truth.



  • In ''Mr. Deeds" (the Adam Sandler version), reporter Babe Bennett tells the title character an obviously phony story about her childhood in Winchestertonfieldville, Iowa while doing an undercover report. What she doesn't expect, of course, is that there really is such a place, that Deeds would end up taking her there, and that it's almost exactly as she described it.

Live-Action Television

  • An episode of iCarly had the gang send annoying girl Mandy off in search of the fictional foreign snack "Fladoodles." Thinking they got her out of their hair for a while, Mandy returns with the actual snack chips, in three different flavors.

Western Animation

  • In an episode of Recess, when the gang are trying to get rid of a kid they think is a jinx, they give him a fake treasure map and send him on a wild goose chase. A minute later he comes back with a treasure chest.
  • In an episode of Spongebob Squarepants, Mr. Krabs is trying to get a valuable hat back that he just sold to Spongebob. He claims that the hat once belonged to a Mr. Smittywergenjensen (spelling?). Turns out that such a person really did exist, just as Krabs described. Hilarity Ensues.


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