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Depending on the Production
Certain things in a play differ from production to production
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In productions of famous plays, certain things may be portrayed differently in different productions.

Common examples include:

Contrast Original Cast Precedent.

  • In West Side Story; do the Jets try to rape Anita, or just beat her up? It should be noted that the original Broadway script mentions nothing explicitly about rape (no groping, clothes-tearing, etc), but it could still be interpreted that way. It's widely seen as rape since that's what The Movie went with.
  • When a production thinks Jud Frye from Oklahoma! is too much of a sympathetic Anti-Villain, they may seek to fix that. The "Curly desperately tries to stop Jud from going on a date with Laurie" scene may have implications added to it that Jud will rape Laurie if he gets her alone, and some productions may even imply that Jud is a Serial Killer.
  • In Sweeney Todd, the teeth-pulling scene is often cut. Also, how much of a pervert Judge Turpin is may vary from play to play. Some productions have his masturbating when he watches Joanna through the peephole, and some may go whole hog and imply that he molests her. How bloody the murders are also varies; some go for realism, some for High-Pressure Blood, and others do it entirely in shadow discretion shots.
  • Different productions of King Lear differ in, among other things, what to do with the character of the Fool. He or she disappears halfway through the play, leaving a strange What Happened to the Mouse?-like effect. Some productions go out of their way to note the parallels between the Fool and Cordelia, while others go so far as to have the Fool being Cordelia herself in disguise.
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