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All The Good Men Are Gay
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Launching in a few days, if no one objects. Needs More Examples, though.

Alice sees Bob, a really cute guy at party. She introduces herself, and they hit it off. She gives Bob her number, Bob looks at her and says "Sorry, I'm gay."

And Alice sighs. "Of course he is. All the good men are."

Pretty much a cornerstone of all romantic media featuring women looking for Mr. Right: they eventually find a great guy with all the right things they're looking for - but it turns out he's homosexual, leading to the dismissive statement about straight men.

This is loaded with the Unfortunate Implication that apparently only gay men possess the qualities -politeness, good manners, etc. - women want and heterosexual men are pretty much primitive caveman who don't know how to act in public and treat other people.

Compare to Incompatible Orientation, where Alice may still love Bob despite his orientation. Also compare Sorry, I'm Gay where Bob may actually be straight and still trying to ward off her advances.
  • In the movie P. S. I Love You, Lisa Kudrow's character repeatedly asks out guys by asking them first if they are single, then asking if they're gay.
  • Happens -- oh so much -- in Love and Other Disasters.
  • Zack and Miri Make a Porno -- Miri's high school crush returns to their small town for a high school reunion. Well...he brought his boyfriend.
  • In a rare gender swap of this, the main character of Chasing Amy finally finds the perfect girl for himself: she's smart, funny, attractive, witty, creative, and talented. But she's a lesbian.


Web Comics
  • Reversed(?)in Order Of The Stick, Elan tries to use an alluring policewoman illusion to distract the cops. One says "Sorry, I'm in a commited relationship" and the other "Sorry, I'm gay".

Western Animation
  • I remember this twice on Futurama. 1: A Gym Bunny offers Leela a walk on the beach, and immediately claims that he's gay when she says yes. A double whammy. 2: The gang is at a club, and Bender's built in gaydar shoots down the girls' hopes when they see good looking men.
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