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Absurdly Tough Sheath
To go with your Absurdly Sharp Blade
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You have an Absurdly Sharp Blade able to easily cut through any material (possibly even reality). Unfortunately, this also includes anything it bumps into accidentally, and anything you try to carry it in.

You need an Absurdly Tough Sheath.

This is an often forgotten Required Secondary Power for anything with Absurd Cutting Power. The sheath both protects the blade edge, and stops it from cutting things when the weilder doesn't want it to, making it safe to carry. It may work by being Made of Indestructium, having magical protections or simply holding the blade firmly in position by the handle.

When the indestructible properties of the sheath cause it to be used as a weapon it becomes a Sheath Strike.


  • The Water-Monkey sword from The Twelve Kingdoms has an enchanted sheath with a bound trickster monkey spirit residing in it, which not only keeps it from cutting things, but also contains the illusions that the sword can project. Fridge Logic kicks in when Yoko loses the sheath and starts carrying around the sword wrapped in cloth.


Tabletop Games
  • In the alternative Cyberpunk tabletop game Fates Worse Than Death, "Tech Swords" (with monomolecular edges constructed by nanomachines from advanced materials) come with a special sheath that not only doesn't get cut, but is also full of micromechanisms that keep that blade from getting dull or breaking (as it tends to do very quickly due to the superfine edge).

Web Comics
  • Coyote's Tooth from Gunnerkrigg Court is sharp enough to slice cleanly through steel, and even lift a shadow off the floor. The sheath it's carried around in looks like ordinary leather.

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