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Humans Are Survivors
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In fiction, no matter how many other races are kicking around, if there's one species that seems to have a knack for avoiding extinction it's us. Genocidal aliens? We fortify our position and fight back with everything we have. Earth becomes uninhabitable? We either head into space to find somewhere new to live or artifically create enclosed environments that are habitable. Our planet gets blown up? Again, time to take to the stars. Global ice age? Been there, done that.

Differs from The Eternal Churchill in that while The Eternal Churchill is to do with humanity refusing to surrender even when the odds are heavily stacked against them, with the possibility of extinction not always being a factor, Human Are Survivors covers the way that humans as a species tend to be very, very hard to kill off, regardless of whether the ones attempting to do so are enemies, Mother Nature, the universe in general or even our own stupidity. There is a fair bit of overlap though. Can sometimes overlap with Humans Are Special.

Examples: Film
  • Humanity in Titan A.E. fit this trope to a tee. Aliens try to kill them off by blowing up Earth, years later those who were evacuated before said Earth-Shattering Kaboom are still hanging in there despite the loss of their planet, being on the bottom of the galactic totem pole and the fact that the nearest thing they have to a home is a bodged together space colony made out of old ships, not to mention that the aforementioned aliens are still out to get them.

  • In Arthur C. Clark's Rescue Party, aliens who've come to try and save as many as they can before the Sun goes nova are suprised to find that Earth's inhabitants have already managed to rescue themselves.
  • The City Of Ember: Humanity manages to survive both above and below ground.
  • The Green Book by Jill Paton Walsh. Another "take to the stars" one.

Live-Action TV
  • In Doctor Who the human race not only outlasts the planet Earth, but manages to survive until the end of the Universe. Unfortunately things went downhill after that.
  • Firefly. Like Titan AE, we take to the stars.

Truth in Television
  • In the time that humans have been on this Earth, we have experienced global drought, a Ice Age, drastic changes in sea level and weather patterns, numerous global epidemics, natural disasters, and many, many, many wars. We're still here.

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