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YMMV: When a story spends far too much time explaining the setup before getting to any real action.
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I'm proposing this as an alternative to the current form of It Gets Better. Since the Trope Repair shop is locked down due to too many tropes needing care, I'm taking my grievances (and proposed solution) here:

It Gets Better has quotes, examples, and a Laconic that describe a bad or okay work that improves as you go along with it. The description, however, describes "Too much exposition in the beginning.", and has been wicked as such. While I can picture a character leaning forward and saying "But wait! It Gets Better!" I personally think the title better fits the former definition.

I propose that we launch Opening Infodump, copy-paste the description of It Gets Better into it, and rewrite the description of It Gets Better to match its quotes and laconic.

Thoughts? Better titles?
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