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Making a statement with your bodily waste.
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“While you imitating Al Capone, I'll be Nina Simone and defecating on your microphone.”
Lauryn Hill, Ready Or Not

The acts of urinating or defecating on something(or more likely, someone) to make a point or show disrespect. To some individuals and possibly some cultures it is not a big deal but to most these are considered the greatest of insults. With animals it may in fact be a way of marking property.

Compare: Spiteful Spit Contrast: Bring My Brown Pants


  • There is a red bull commercial where a guy is pooped on by a bird. So he drinks a Red Bull, flies above it and takes off his pants...

[[folder:Anime and manga]]
  • In the 1980s series of GeGeGe no Kitaro, there is an episode in which an arrogant man urinates on a rock sacred to a local nature spirit. Yes, it was marked. He refuses to apologize or make restitution, and as a result is one of the very few people who actually dies in that version.
  • Fist of the North Star uses this as Juza's very first action to a warlord who thought he was drinking normal water. It pretty much serves to state how cocky he really is, especially when he beats the snot out of said warlord afterwards.

  • An apparently suicidal criminal decides it would be a hilarious joke to dig up the body's of Frank Castle's family and urinate on them.
  • To show just how far out of touch Huey and Riley's Granddad is in the Boondocks, he does not understand why anyone would not want a golden shower. Not actually knowing what it means.
  • In The Pro, the title character is nearly kicked off her superhero team for retaliating against a villainess who hand blasted her by beating the villainess to a bloody pulp and urinating on her. This just happen to take place in the UN headquarters during a meeting of ambassadors who happen to have brought their children for "bring your child to work day".
  • Preacher: the KKK set up a burning cross on Jesse's lawn. He goes outside, unzips, and pisses the fire out.

  • A group of bullies doing this to the protagonist of Kung Fu Hustle is what drives him to a life of crime.
  • The Good Shepherd showed a Skull and Bones initiation that involved members urinating and defecating on the initiates from an indoor balcony.
  • Ridicule starts off with Milletail urinating on an old and immobile man in retaliation for insult that had been uttered many years before.
  • Done at the very end of So Bad, It's Good Mockbuster The Amazing Bulk. The title monster/hero inadvertently kills one of a pair of two police officers midway through the movie. After the climax of the film, wherein the Bulk sacrifices himself to stop the Big Bad, the surviving member decides to urinate on the man's grave in spite. Unfortunately for him, the Bulk was Not Quite Dead, and punches him in the face while he's relieving himself.
  • The recent (non-animated) Tarzan film has Tarzan urinating on one of the other gorillas spitefully.
  • In Pink Flamingos, Devine ate dog excrement in the final scene as a statement that she was the most disgusting person in the world.
  • In Orgazmo a Jerkass porn actor insults people by farting into his hand and then throwing the molecules at them.

  • The protagonist of The Power of One is constantly bullied by the Judge and his bullies this way during his stay at boarding school. His pet chicken, Grandpa Chook, eventually gets revenge for him by laying a chicken patty right in the Judge's open mouth.
  • James Clavell's novel Shogun had one of the samurai forcing Blackthorne to lay on the ground, and subsequently urinating on him, as a punishment for disrespect.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
  • Chappell's Show has R. Kelly do a sing about them in a sketch.
  • The Criminal of the Week on a third-season episode of NCIS: Los Angeles intended to blow up a rival nightclub, and was briefly seen peeing on its floor for good measure.
    Sam: You must really not like this guy.
  • In the HBO series OZ, Beecher gets his revenge on Schillinger by kicking and punching him to the ground, before taking a dump in his face.
  • In the American Wilfred, in the first episode, Elijah Wood's character takes a dump in his neighbor's boyfriend's shoes because he doesn't' like him.
  • Walden Schmidt got back at Zoey following their breakup by buying a large, destructive dog and giving it to her daughter as a birthday present. The dog promptly took a huge dook on her carpet.
  • Subverted on How I Met Your Mother. Barney recounts the story of a coworker who was getting yielded at during a staff meeting. The guy finally had enough, announced that he is quitting and got up on the conference table to urinate on top of it. However, he then realized that he was unable to pee while people were looking at him.
  • Peep Show: Mark expresses his resentment toward his coworkers by urinating on their desks after hours.
  • On Breaking Bad, the cops ask the elderly, disabled grandfather of some hardcore criminals to identify one of the main characters. Rather than help the cops, he just sits there. When the cops press him, he defiantly and liquidly shits himself.

[[folder:Mythology, Religion and Folklore]]
  • Zeus used a golden shower to impregnate a woman, making this older than dirt.
  • Njord of the Vanir was once captured by a Jotun whose daughters used his mouth for a piss pot. Being ransomed by the Aesir was seen as a gift to him in comparison to that kind of treatment.
  • Ignirtoq of Inuit folklore thinks urinating all over everything is funny. For this reason her parents make her and her two equally troublesome sisters play outside, which happen to be on Earth. Together they represent unpleasant storms in contrast to Asiaq, who brings desirable weather.
  • Tobit was blinded by bird shit in a deuterocanon book of the Bible.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
  • Juventude Guerrera was fired from AAA for starting a fight. Why did he start a fight? Because he found someone had defecated in his bag and did not take it well.

[[folder:Real life]] A common Halloween prank, oft-referenced in media, is burning a sack of dog feces on a neighbor's porch.
  • Some guy defecated on a NYPD police cruiser during Occupy Wallstreet, I guess it would be considered a statement. Piccy (NSFW)
  • Mario Mielie was an outspoken gay activist in Italy during the 70's. During a performance in Rome, he ate his own excrememnt and that of a dog as an act of defiance.
  • GG Allin would often throw his own waste at his audience during his concerts. This was one of many acts he would perform for shock value.

[[folder:Video Games]]
  • One of the finishing moves in Primal Rage, which was naturally censored in the console editions.
  • In Duke Nukem Forever, Duke threatens to rip out a boss' eye and piss on its brain. Naturally, after the fight he makes good on his threat. Also happens in Duke Nuke Em 3D.
  • In Ōkami you play a wolf. Two of the moves you can learn at the dojo are Golden Fury which lets you insult enemies by lifting your leg and letting loose, and Brown Rage which adds insult to injury. These are a decent source of demon fangs.
  • One minigame in Saints Row 2 involves manning a septic truck and spraying sewage to damage high-value property.

[[folder:web comics]]
  • In this Order Of The Stick strip, Belkar pisses on the dying body of a slave trader, who made the mistake of pushing Belkar's Berserk Button by threatening to eat Belkar's pet cat. He also turned the severed head of the Linear Guild's (third?) kobold into a litter box for said cat.

[[folder: Web original]] [[/folder]]

[[folder: Western Animation]]
  • In a variation, the documentary-like walking with prehistoric beasts sees a wolf defecate on a corpse to deter two pig creatures from eating it. It doesn't work.
  • One skit in Robot Chicken has a man urinating back and forth all over his boss's desk, with his boss sitting behind it. The boss casually asks "So, I take it this is your two weeks notice?" The man directs his stream right at the boss's face, and the boss gives a reassured "Yep" in answer to his own question.
  • American Dad! has two examples:
    • In the first Christmas episode, Stan is visited by the Ghost of Christmas Past, who takes him back in time to show him what Christmas was like. Stan runs away while in the 1970s, and she begins to freak out. She returns to the present to get Francine so she can help, but also starts freaking out about how she can't be allowed to screw up on her first job. She can't go back to working as a Tooth Fairy, because she took a dump on her boss's desk when she quit. That bridge has been burned. Her panicked ramblings also mention that apparently they can trace DNA in poo.
    • The second time this happens was when Hayley ran off with Jeff to get eloped. Stan was so against the idea that he set up a $500,000 bounty for anyone who can bring Hayley back to him. EVERYONE in Langley Falls goes chasing after her, including Principal Lewis. When the whole conflict is resolved, Stan announces that Jeff (her husband) got the money for turning her in. Principal Lewis freaks out before flipping everyone off and storming off, saying that he was depending on that money. He left a deuce on his own desk as message to the whole school system and whoever was to become the next principal.
  • Peter Griffin won the lottery and promptly announced he was quitting his job at the brewery. He casually mentions to Angela that he defecated on her desk.
  • Ren Hoek showed his anger with Stimpy and Cousin Sven by emphatically urinating on their board game...a prominent feature of which is a miniature electrified fence. They are all electrocuted, die and go to hell.
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