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Try to put this damsel in distress. I dare you.

Chances are, you're probably familiar with the typical concept for a princess, aren't you? They get abducted by some Big Bad, and helplessly wait for a brave and charming hero to come and rescue them. Then, they fall in love with this hero, and they get married, and live happily ever after. Chances are, you might see this concept so many times, you might get tired of it, weather you regard it as repetitive, sexist, or both.

This is pretty much the total opposite. These are examples of princesses that become brave and headstrong warriors instead of relying on any to protect them. At times, they would serve as the sidekick to the hero, instead of the damsel in distress, even if they do fall in love with him, like a princess traditionally would. And sometimes, they would serve as the hero altogether.

While this and the Rebellious Princess sometimes go hand in hand, they do not equal each other. In fact, a badass princess would often fight because she's loyal to her nation, and would fight to defend it at any cost. Every Badass Princess qualifies as an automatic Royal Who Actually Does Something. It can be a Tomboy Princess, a Lady of War, whatever. Anything's fair.


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  • How could Xena possibly not qualify?

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  • Princess Natalia, (Pictured above) from Tales of the Abyss is very proeffecient with a bow and arrow, accompanies Luke and his palls on their journey, helps solve political issues, never gets kidnapped, and stands for her nation no matter what.
  • Fire Emblem has a lot of badass princesses. There's Princess Ayra from the fourth game, with her punishing Ryuuseiken, and she even threatened to kill her "master."
  • Kitana is so badass, she isn't afraid to kill.
  • Until near the end of Ocarina of Time, Zelda has been the typical distressed damsel, but at that point, she helps unlock barriers keeping them from escaping the castle, and she helps Link pin Gannon down so he could land he final blow. And during the final confrontations with Ganondorf in Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, she actually battled alongside Link with her light arrows. But she maxes out this trope in Spirit Tracks, where she possesses Phantoms, and actually fights beside Link, even becoming playable for certain segments.
    • I guess Midna may qualify as well, given that she helps Link out in fighting enemies as well, paralyzing a group of enemies in an energy field, leaving them weak and defenceless while Wolf Link attacks them, and even throwing a large Beast Ganon across the room, leaving him vulnerable.
  • All three playable female characters in Odin Sphere are this.

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