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Consolation Love Interest
I'll settle for you since the girl I really like is unavailable.
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Peter Griffin: I had such a crush on her. Until I met you Lois. You're my silver medal.

In most stories, when a character doesn't end up with their First Love, the story will go out of it's way to explain why this is ok. Maybe the two characters were Better as Friends, or they just weren't right for each other. In most cases, the character moving on to a new relationship is treated as a positive character growth. Not here.

When a character hooks up with unlucky soul it becomes apparent that they did so out of convenience. This is the Romantic Runner-Up who gets the guy or girl because they were settled for. If the character were to learn that they were really the second choice all along, expect them to develop into being an Insecure Love Interest.

Compare to Operation Jealousy, Romantic False Lead, and Romantic Runner-Up.

Contrast with Last Girl Wins, Second Love



Comic Books

  • In Shaun of the Dead Dianne reveals that she knows full well she's this to David, who's jerkass behaviour towards Shaun is at least partly because he's jealous of his relationship with Liz.


Live-Action Television

  • REM's "The One I Love" is often thought to be a love song, but the lyrics "another prop to occupy my time," make it clear that the subject of the song is this.

Professional Wrestling

Video Games

Web Original

Western Animation
  • Peter from Family Guy once calls Lois his Silver Medal when thinking about the girl from high school he never had the courage to ask out.

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